Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Radio Extract

GTA San Andreas Radio Extract

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GTA: San Andreas Radio Extractor v1.0 Made for & by Grand Theft AG (http://GTA.AG.RU)

This program was made for just one purpose: extracting music from radio stations of San Andreas (PC version only). It uses the "Fire & Forget" ideology and is very easy to use. Run it, select a destination folder for extracted tracks and press the "Extract" button. Program features:

Automatic search for stream files (in local folders and CD/DVD drives, including virtual discs);
The ability to select the destination folder for extracted tracks;
Automatic moving of radio files to corresponding stations folders;
Automatic renaming of tracks with proper names of songs and artists;
Automatic merging of music chunks (special options for DJ-style mixing are available);
Automatic generation of WinAmp-compatible playlists (.m3u).
Possibility to create one music file for each station.

What will you need?

A preferably untampered installation of GTA: San Andreas (PC version only);
Approx. 600 Mb of free space on your hard drive;
A player capable of playing back OGG Vorbis music files. Try WinAmp (, but not Light - Full or Pro versions only.

Ack! It doesn't work!

There are several possible reasons:

No information about the installed game was found in Windows registry. Re-install the game.
There is no GTA:SA DVD in your drive. Insert the disc and run the program again.
The program was run not from the GTA:SA folder. Run the program from the game folder.

If all these steps fail, well: we guess you'll have to buy the soundtrack, then.

I've set the "No DJ" music option, but I can still hear DJ speaking in SF-UR tracks. Why?

Because there are no "clean" files for this station in game resources, only with DJ chatter included. So bear with it. Who made this proggy?

The whole idea and features set were done by Zombiek (, he's also The One who can answer your emails if you have any questions.

Copyright (C) 2005, Grand Theft AG, http://GTA.AG.RU


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas




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